Dream Wedding Décor at Ballymascanlon House Hotel, Dundalk

Dream Wedding Décor at Ballymascanlon House Hotel, Dundalk

A Dream Wedding Décor at Ballymascanlon House Hotel, Dundalk

Ballymascanlon House Hotel, set amidst 130 acres of gorgeous parkland in Dundalk, is the epitome of elegance and heritage. This lavish 19th-century Victorian mansion effortlessly marries classic charm with modern sophistication, making it a popular choice for couples seeking the perfect wedding venue. Today, let’s delve into the enchanting possibilities of wedding décor at Ballymascanlon House Hotel, focusing on floral centrepieces, fairy lights, a candy cart, a selfie mirror, a fairy light backdrop, a flower wall, and a flower ring for behind the cake.

Floral Centrepieces

At the heart of every wedding table setting lies a story told through the artistry of floral centrepieces. In the grandeur of Ballymascanlon House Hotel, these delicate arrangements become the canvas, painting a picture of romance and elegance. Whether you opt for traditional roses, whimsical baby’s breath, or exotic orchids, these centrepieces will lend a fresh, vibrant look to your wedding reception, while complementing the hotel’s Victorian charm.

Beautiful table setting for wedding celebration in Ballymascanlon House Hotel

Fairy Lights in Windows

Nothing spells magic like twinkling fairy lights adorning the windows. As the sun sets, these twinkling lights transform the venue into a scene straight out of a fairy tale. The Ballymascanlon House Hotel, with its large, vintage windows, provides an excellent canvas for this dazzling display. Not only do these lights add a soft, romantic glow to the space, but they also create a stunning background for your evening photos.

Candy Cart

Sweeten the deal with a candy cart at your reception, offering a nostalgic touch that guests of all ages will adore. Choose from an array of sweets that match your wedding colours or go for a selection of classic favourites. The elegant setting of Ballymascanlon House Hotel only enhances the charm of this delightful feature.

Candy Cart

Selfie Mirror

In the age of social media, a selfie mirror is an absolute must-have. This fun, interactive feature allows your guests to capture their own special moments at your wedding. Plus, the ornate interiors of the Ballymascanlon House Hotel provide an exquisite backdrop that will make every selfie memorable.


Fairy Light Backdrop

A fairy light backdrop is the perfect feature to add sparkle to your wedding venue. Whether placed behind the main table, around the dance floor, or as a backdrop for photos, the radiant glow from these lights creates a magical atmosphere. Against the classic architecture and rich hues of Ballymascanlon House Hotel, a fairy light backdrop is sure to leave your guests in awe.

Custom Built Fairylight Backdrop & Fairylights In Windows Ballymascanlon Hotel

Flower Wall

A flower wall is an excellent way to incorporate more natural beauty into your wedding decor. Choose flowers that match your wedding theme or mix and match for a unique, vibrant display. Positioned as a backdrop for photos or behind the main table, a flower wall at the Ballymascanlon House Hotel adds a touch of nature-inspired elegance to any wedding.

Flower Wall in Ballymac

Flower Ring for Behind the Cake

Last but not least, a flower ring for behind the cake is a simple yet stunning way to highlight your wedding cake. This floral arrangement can be created to match your wedding theme or colour scheme, and it provides an elegant frame that draws attention to your carefully chosen cake. Just imagine the beautiful photos you’ll have, cutting your cake in front of a floral masterpiece. Plus, in a venue like Ballymascanlon House Hotel, with its rich heritage and sophisticated style, such a flower ring will look absolutely stunning.

Remember, your wedding décor should reflect your personal taste and style. The Ballymascanlon House Hotel, with its versatile spaces and elegant charm, is a canvas waiting to be painted with your vision. Be it the floral centrepieces that breathe life into your reception, the twinkling fairy lights that add a dash of magic, or the candy cart that brings out the child in everyone, each element contributes to creating an unforgettable experience.

From the selfie mirror capturing candid moments to the fairy light backdrop that adds a touch of whimsy, the flower wall that brings nature indoors, and the flower ring that adds elegance to your cake ceremony – each detail is a piece of the puzzle that completes your dream wedding picture. Let the Ballymascanlon House Hotel in Dundalk be the setting of your dream wedding with the help of WOW Weddings Team, as you embark on a journey of love and togetherness.