Led Dance Floor In Trim Castle Hotel, Trim, Co Meath, Ireland

Led Dance Floor In Trim Castle Hotel, Trim, Co Meath, Ireland

LED Dance Floor

LED Dance Floor or Twinkle Dance Floor is an illuminated dance floor that will have your guests talking about it from the moment that they step into your room. They have also been called fairy light dance floors or sparkle dance floors. Led Dance Floor In Trim Castle Hotel, Trim, Co Meath, Ireland looks fantastic as this is a large bright room with ample space for this floor

LED Dance Floor, Trim Castle Hotel, Trim, Co Meath, Led Dance Floor In Trim Castle Hotel, Trim, Co Meath, Ireland

LED Dance Floor, Trim Castle Hotel, Trim, Co Meath

One of the great things about having an LED Dance Floor is that it will clearly define the dancing space encouraging people out onto the floor to dance. As usual this really adds to the atmosphere and fun on your big day

Twinkle-Dance-Floor-Trim-Castle-Hotel-Trim-Co-Meath-Ireland-Wedding-Draping-Trim-Castle-Hotel-Co- Meath-Ireland


A white LED Dance Floor is a fantastic piece of modern wedding décor that has the WOW factor and will amaze and impress your family and friends on your big day. It will help make your wedding stand out from the rest as it gives your guests an unforgettable experience which they will talk about for years to come. They will dance the night away with the floor sparkling under their feet

Trim Castle Hotel

Trim Castle Hotel is a stunning 4 star historic landmark wedding venue in the village of Trim which is situated on the Boyne River in County Meath. It is a fantastic wedding venue just 50 minutes out of Dublin City in a stunning setting.


County Meath is one of the most beautiful counties in Ireland, located in the east of the country. Trim Castle Hotel is a really popular weddings venue with almost 10,000 of a local population and of courses its close proximity to County Dublin.


An LED Dance floor from Wow-Weddings is a beautiful gloss coated highly polished surface that will twinkle and sparkle through the night.

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An LED Dance Floor from Wow-Weddings is something very special as we have some of the highest quality light Up Dance Floors available in Ireland, they will always be delivered spotless and polished. This with our incredible range of products will ensure that we can create a unique wedding room that will WOW- and amaze your family and friends on your special day. Below you can see one of our stunning fairy light backdrops and custom draping in Lough Rea Hotel.

As usual we compliment this look with uplighters, giant light up letters and much more.

Custom-Draping-Trim-Castle-Meath-Ireland-Wedding-Draping-Trim-Castle-Hotel-Co- Meath-Ireland


Window-Fairylights-Trim-Castle-Meath-Ireland-Giant Letters in Trim Castle Hotel, Trim, County Meath


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