Cherry Blossom Options

  • November 8, 2018
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Cherry Blossom Options

Cherry Blossom Options:   Would you like to add a dramatic splash of color to your wedding or event, if so our range of cherry blossoms in white and pink may be the answer. Our cherry blossoms have become a firm favorite for weddings and parties all over Ireland, amazing guests when they enter the wedding or party room.

As usual Wow-Weddings are to the forefront in our offering of these stunning trees. We stock our cherry blossoms in white and pink offering table centerpieces, cherry blossom arches and our unique cherry blossom shepherd crook lanterns and real ice melt cherry blossom table centrepieces.

Here are some of our options, all of these designs are available in both white or pink cherry blossoms.

Chiavari Chairs City North

White Cherry Blossom Table Centrepieces




Cherry Blossom White Shepard Crook Lantern


Cherry Blossom Arch Pink

Cherry Blossom Real Ice Melt: As wedding planners and party designers the biggest favour that we can ever do for a couple is to give them a wedding or party room that is unique thus amazing their family and friends when they walk into the room on their special day. The below image shows our real ice melt table centre with white cherry blossom branches hanging in the vase. As the evening progresses the ball of real ice will melt into a pool of clear water in the bottom of the vase, in the below image these are lit in white light from underneath but you can have any colour of light you wish in keeping with your theme


Cherry Blossom Real Ice Melt

Cherry Blossom Real Ice Melt