Elevate your event with the stunning Prosecco Wall by Wow Weddings, the ultimate blend of elegance and modern charm. Available in three exquisite finishes—black panelled, white panelled, and plain white—this Prosecco wall is designed to seamlessly complement any event theme.

Customization Options:

  • Black Panelled: Add a touch of sophistication and contrast to your event décor with the sleek and stylish black panelled option. Perfect for modern and glamorous settings, it offers a striking backdrop for the sparkling Prosecco.
  • White Panelled: For a classic and timeless look, the white panelled wall exudes a clean and elegant vibe. It’s ideal for weddings, bridal showers, and upscale gatherings, ensuring a pristine and inviting display.
  • Plain White: The plain white wall provides a versatile canvas that can be easily tailored to suit any theme or colour scheme. Its simplicity allows the Prosecco and neon sign to take centre stage, creating a chic and understated aesthetic.

Each Prosecco wall is adorned with a radiant neon sign, chosen from an exclusive collection of 15 designs. Whether you prefer a romantic script, a fun phrase, or a personalized message, there’s a neon sign to perfectly capture the spirit of your celebration.


  • Prosecco Selection: Enjoy the luxury of Prosecco provided by the venue, ensuring a continuous flow of bubbly for you and your guests.
  • Neon Sign: Select from 15 unique neon sign designs to add a personalized touch to your Prosecco wall.

The Prosecco Wall by Wow Weddings is more than just a beverage station; it’s a captivating feature that enhances the ambiance of your event. It invites guests to mingle and enjoy a glass of Prosecco, making every moment memorable and photo-worthy. Celebrate in style with this eye-catching and elegant Prosecco wall, and let Wow Weddings make your event sparkle with sophistication and charm.

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