Johnstown Estate

Welcome to the enchanting world of Johnstown Estate, where dreams become reality and love fills the air. At Wow Weddings, we are thrilled to introduce you to an unforgettable setting for your civil ceremony. Nestled in the heart of Ireland, this prestigious venue exudes elegance, sophistication, and a touch of magic, setting the stage for a truly extraordinary occasion.

Imagine stepping into the grandeur of Johnstown Estate, a sanctuary of tranquillity surrounded by breathtaking gardens and picturesque landscapes. The air is filled with anticipation as you and your beloved exchange vows in the presence of your cherished family and friends. At Wow Weddings, we understand the significance of this momentous occasion, and it is our privilege to transform this remarkable space into a captivating haven that reflects your unique love story.

Johnstown Estate offers a variety of stunning locations to host your civil ceremony, ensuring that every detail is tailored to your desires.. Picture a sun-kissed garden ceremony, where nature becomes your ethereal backdrop as you take your vows amidst vibrant blooms and the gentle whisper of the breeze. Alternatively, envision an intimate indoor ceremony in their opulent ballroom, bathed in soft candlelight and adorned with exquisite floral arrangements, creating an atmosphere of pure enchantment.


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